It just doesn’t make sense…

April 11, 2007

by Kaycee 

I remember wondering as a sixteen year old upon receiving my driver’s license whether or not I should be an organ donor. I thought I might need my heart after I died so that when the resurrection rolled around, I’d be all ready to be brought back to life. Then I realized that if we were to become whole and perfect that God would put a heart back in me, just as he’d give legs back to soldiers and healthy bodies to those who’d suffered from cancer.

It seems silly to me now that I pondered that question because the idea of mass resurrection makes absolutely no sense at all. Missing arms or hearts? How about completely decomposed and reabsorbed into other living things? Where are all of the atoms going to come from to create bodies for millions of people? Where are all of the people going to live? How does any of this fit into the physical laws of the universe?

I’m agnostic. That means that I just don’t know what higher powers exist or don’t exist, and in my case, I’m perfectly happy with not knowing. And although I don’t know what is true in terms of religious beliefs, I know what I don’t believe.

I don’t believe that it is possible to resurrect the dead. I don’t believe that if Jesus Christ was really, actually and completely dead, that his body could have gone into rigor mortis and begun to decay and then been brought back to life, in the flesh. I think that religion should have to make sense.

Maybe that’s why I stopped believing in religion. I’m of the opinion that the people who make laws shouldn’t get to break them. If God set up the physical laws of the universe, then he should have to follow them. The laws of the universe I know and understand say that when a body dies, it stays dead.

Beyond that, I’m not sure why the resurrection of the body is necessary in LDS theology. The body is a temporal device, while spirits are immortal. Why does the body need to be restored for any reason at all? What’s the point? If we have the full lives in spirit that we’re supposed to, why do we need bodies at all?

I think that resurrection is a nice idea, but it’s unnecessary and doesn’t follow the laws of the universe. I think the idea of the resurrection is a device of hope and it comforts people and gives them something to focus on when things are hard. That’s it.



  1. Well, the resurrection is necessary for Mormons because we believe that the point of the whole thing is to become like God and he has one. As to why he has one, why not? We believe that our spirits and bodies both experience the Fall, so both are restored by the Plan. So, thoroughness is part of the justification.

    But, ultimately, I think we believe in the resurrection for the same reason other Christian denominations do: because a resurrected, tangible Savior is so counter-intuitive. If it is true, it argues that the whole thing is true and powerful. If it ain’t, we’re having a lot of fun deluding ourselves 🙂

  2. Kaycee brings up some really interesting points, though. Many parts of religion (whichever you are speaking of) don’t exactly makes “sense” and I guess that’s where your faith comes in. Or doesn’t.
    I’ve had some very similar feelings where I look at different religious aspects and say to myself: “that just doesn’t make sense to me.”

    good post…made me think.

  3. […] who don’t have to suffer anymore as their bodies will be restored to a perfect state.  Maybe Kaycee is right, maybe it is a device for comfort and […]

  4. You DO make a good point that my body is made up of food which is largely made up of the nutrients gained by plants and animals from the decay of other plants and animals. I’m just glad it’s not me who has to figure out what goes where. And whoever has my eyeballs and my liver later are just going to have to give them back!

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