Hope Floating

April 12, 2007


There are very few topics that I feel so confident about that I can spend hours talking (or writing) about. Those few topics I can hold my own in any conversation and not back down from my opinion. I have the facts and I can fire them off throughout the conversation making me look like I really know what I’m talking about.

Resurrection just doesn’t happen to be one of those topics.

I know the basics, don’t get me wrong. I know what it’s all about. I know what I was taught in church. I know what the definition is. But I’m not going to start off by saying, “the definition of Resurrection, as defined by Webster and his dictionary…” because, well, let’s just say that angle has been done.

My dad often uses a hand and a glove to create a visual when explaining the Atonement and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The hand represents our spirit and the glove represents our temporary, human bodies. What my dad likes about using this visual is that it makes explaining quite a bit easier. People that haven’t ever been taught, or who don’t have a clear understanding, of resurrection also have an easier time trying grasp such a concept.


We come to earth and receive our earthly bodies (puts on glove)

We die (takes off glove – glove doesn’t leave)

Because of and through the Atonement, we too can be resurrected as Christ was (puts glove back on)

The one hiccup in the visual is that the same, flawed glove is put back on.

I have a very tender heart to those who are disabled or handicapped, sick, etc. I know that their life is anything but easy. Not only do they have to deal with the everyday, earthly life…but they have to do it with yet another odd stacked against them. My heart hurts for the mentally handicapped who was probably made fun of and ridiculed most of his life. I’m so sad for the physically handicapped who has a body that just can’t keep up with their mind. I grieve for the person who body is attacked by one of the many, many diseases that plague the body.

For whatever beliefs I struggle with at this point in my life, I have always hoped in my belief in the resurrection. I have hoped for the possibility to see loved ones who have passed on again. I have hoped for those who don’t have to suffer anymore as their bodies will be restored to a perfect state. Maybe Kaycee is right, maybe it is a device for comfort and hope.

But for those who have suffered so much in this earthly life, I guess I just hope that it’s true.

One comment

  1. It was nice to teach about the resurrection as a missionary, because it DID give a lot of suffering people hope. I remember teaching this lovely young mother from a small town who had a daughter with a severe and rare disability. It brought tears to her eyes to know that her daughter’s disability and struggles were not her fault, and that her daughter would have the chance to have a perfect and functioning body someday…that she would KNOW her daughter and have conversations with her someday. I love that you focused on the hope.

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