Middle of the night musings on war by a mother awakened by her infant daughter

April 18, 2007

by Sarah

About 8 years ago, while I was living in Utah and busy “finding myself” I got a phone call from my sister informing me she had just enlisted in the United States Navy. I immediately told her she was an idiot and hung up the phone on her. In the years that have passed my feelings about the military haven’t changed much, even though my sister has recently left her military service behind her and joined the private sector. Her husband, also in the Navy, is currently serving his second tour of Iraq. He’ll be home some time next year. The most baffling thing about my brother in law being in Iraq again is that he chose to be there because he thought he had somehow missed out on something the first time around. I’m serious. He went back voluntarily! For a year! Because he thought he MISSED something! I’m not sure what he thought he missed aside from a rocket in the noggin, but he’s back in harms way again hoping to not miss out on a war we shouldn’t be in in the first place. What in the world breeds this kind of mentality? What is it that compells people to got to war in the first place? I certinly don’t understand why we are in the war we’re in now, and wish more than anything that we would get the hell out of it, and bring those soliders home. It’s just I don’t think those soilders want to come home as much as I want them to. There is something so deeply imbeded in them, some sense of pride so much stronger than logic or reason that they actually think they’re doing the right thing. It’s nothing unique. You see it all the time around the Fourth of July – patriotic pride taken to dizzying heights.

That Patriotic Pride is alive and well in the LDS church. Mormons have interesting politics, this is for sure. Never have I met a more Republican group of people. And as a practicing Mormon, and a practicing Democrat, let’s just say I’m not always real popular at ward picnics. Fast and Testimony meeting always falls on the Independence Day weekend in July and it never fails that some one will stand at the pulpit and bear their testimony of the military, or their service in the military and how it was better than serving a mission, etc. I’m no fan of testimony meetings on the whole, but it’s these meetings when people spout platitudes about a government that in the past few years hasn’t done us much good and support a war that we had no business starting in the first place that drive me craziest. My libral blood boils when a string of lemmings stand at the pulpit and bear their testimony not of Christ, but of the government and their political affiliations. It’s quite possibly the least Christ-like thing I’ve ever seen.

Recently my husband and I have been reading the Book of Mormon in no particular order. We just pick a book and read it through. We recently went from reading Moroni to Helaman, and oh my gosh! What a juxtaposition! It is so interesting to go from reading someone write at the end of a long bloody war that has left him the only survivor, to reading what the start of that war sounded like from the pen of another. It make me wonder what the blogs of our children will sound like in comparison to ours. How will they feel with what we have left them? How alone will they be when this all finally comes to an end? What legacy has this war left for the next generation?

I suppose that’s just one more thing to keep me awake tonight.


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  1. I wish that were the least Christ-like thing I’ve ever seen.

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