A Little Authority Goes a Long Way

April 30, 2007

by Carrie Ann

A lady in my congregation ASKED the bishop to be called as the “bread provider” for the weekly sacrament. She had sent her own cancer into remission by changing her eating habits, and felt that the morsel of white bread she ate every Sunday morning might reverse her hard work. This was in 1986, when healthy eating meant iceberg lettuce salads, Diet Coke, and huge bowls of pasta; whole grains were still confined to communes at this point. Even to my now health-conscious palate her bread was pretty gross. There were many children (and adults) on our ward who only pretended to take the sacrament…for years.

As for taking callings too seriously, there are a few who do. And I admit, there have been instances when certain people have been suggested for callings within Young Women’s, and I could not get spiritual confirmation (would not allow myself?) because I had seen what that person had done when given “a little power”. That cracks me up. What also cracks me up is people who are defined by their callings, and people who constantly “hint” that they would just love to “be in Young Women’s” again! Hopefully, if I am taking my calling too seriously, I am hiding it well. After being in Young Women’s for almost 6 years, with 20 Mia Maids at a time, and considering their various “problems”, I worry that I am not taking it seriously enough.

I’m just glad that I have not been called to scouts yet (did I just jinx myself?). Because I fear becoming one of those adult scout leaders who wear their uniforms everywhere: wedding receptions, the grocery store, church… But I will never let that happen; khaki is just not my color.

One comment

  1. I don’t know CA … I think every color is your color. I would love to see you sportin’ the Scout Leader uniform at a wedding reception.

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