Happy Mommy’s Day

May 10, 2007

By JP 

Every mother has their war story.  Each one has a battle wound or scar or some sign of the hard work and toll it takes on the body to bring a child into this world.  Those stretch marks or c-section scar are like a war metal of honor.  (Albeit, one that most of us wish wasn’t quite so apparent sometimes.)  Every mother I have ever known has such pride in their story and their battle wounds.  Okay, maybe a little less proud of the battle wounds.  But you get the picture.

The toll that pregnancy and childbirth take on ones body is incredible.  And also quite miraculous.  Of course, I can say that it’s miraculous now…it’s been five years since my last pregnancy.  The mind looks back on those memories with rose-colored glasses once a few years have passed.  You know, memories like being eight months pregnant, feet so swollen and puffy that I could only wear flip-flops, and then having the audacity to accompany a trip to The Happiest Place on Earth.  No, I don’t know what I was thinking.  What I do know, is that I have a picture of myself standing next to a certain honey-loving bear and that certain honey-loving bear looks slim compared to pregnant me.

You can understand why I am not posting that picture at this time.

The funny thing about all of this is that the physical aspect of pregnancy and childbirth turn out to be only one part of this mommy gig.  Before I had kids, I never knew that I could love a little person so much.  Being a mom is the hardest job I’ve ever had…but it’s also the best job I’ve ever had.

For the past week I’ve been pondering what I would write about for the Moms topic here at VSoM.  It’s weird, but I almost have writer’s block.  I have a wonderful mom who I love dearly and who is one of my dearest friends…I could write about her and how much she means to me.  I have two beautiful daughters who bring so much happiness to my life…I could write about what it’s like to be their mom.  But I keep falling short.  Nothing I write can accurately describe how I feel about my mom and how I feel about being a mom.

I feel completely inadequate. 

How ironic.

What’s also funny is that today, Mother’s Day is celebrated in Mexico.  And, well, that happens to matter in my household.  We’ll do something nice for my mother in-law tonight.  Nice, but simple…and then we’ll celebrate the both of us on Sunday.  I have an interesting relationship with my mother in-law.  I get into it plenty on my own site, but today I’ll spare you the details.  Because when all is said and done, she’s a mother who loves her children.  And maybe I will never understand why she does the things she does, but on days like today and Sunday, I will do my best to celebrate her as a mother who loves her children and her family so fiercely.  I will remember that as mothers, we are not perfect.  We do the best we can with the tools that we have.  And hopefully we learn from our mistakes and keep growing as a parent.  I know that I love being a mom and I know that I’m far, far from perfect.  Maybe she feels the same way.  I’m fairly certain that we’ll never see eye to eye on many things…but somehow, that has to be okay.  Because that’s a lot of what us moms try to do: just make it all okay.

Last night, after a very long, work road-trip to the Bay Area, I rushed home to sit in 45 minutes of road-work caused traffic and children fighting in the back seat to sit two more hours at a softball game for my daughter.  And since my (assistant-coach) husband couldn’t make the game, I took on certain duties of the game while watching my (very busy, busy) five-year old making sure she didn’t get into any trouble.  It was nuts.  On the way home a friend called me and during the course of the conversation, I told her what my evening looked like after the crazy day.  After her incredulous remarks on how she doesn’t know how I do it, she paused and said: “But you wouldn’t have it any other way, would you…”

I sort of chuckled as she said it and then replied without hesitation, “No.  No I wouldn’t.”

Being a mom is what I am meant to be.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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