We are Family

May 16, 2007

When it comes to family, I actually don’t know what to say.  I think that I was blessed with the stereotypical family.  A mother and a father who loved us and each other.  A brother and a sister who loved us and each other.  We had our moments, but we all got along and still do.

Having said that, I know that I am an enigma in my family.  My parents and I know that we love each other, but we have a terribly difficult time finding things to say to each other.  On my mission, other missionaries would comment on how little mail that they got.  I got maybe one or two letters from my dad on my mission, but it never made me doubt his love or attention.  My dad just sucks at writing letters.

So, in my family, we have become a bunch of people who are so certain of our love for each other, we hardly ever show it.  When we get together, we don’t really talk about our lives; we play games.  We just aren’t a sharey group.

At least, that is what happens with me.  My sister and my mom are very close; they hardly go a day without talking.  I call home once a week.  My brother calls home when something important is coming up.

I don’t really understand how we manage with so little communication.  One would think that only families that hate each other talk as little as we do.  But there it is…

My wife thinks that we are all weird.  It’s probably true.  She doesn’t like how we sometimes yell at each other or argue loudly when we do talk.  Although we aren’t Italian or Israeli, we tend to shout at each other while working over a particularly interesting bit of news.  Her Scandinavian based family talks to each other all the time, but in soft words and volumes.

I’m not feeling particularly profound this week.  As far as I can tell, one’s family is simply where one fits.  It is not necessarily biology that creates a family; it is comfort.  My family and I are comfortable with each other, present or not.  What else could you want?

One comment

  1. This post is great. I like your comment about how you guys love each other so much and don’t doubt your love each other that you hardly say it.

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