‘Til Death Do Us Part… or Do We?

June 6, 2007

by melbo

To be honest, I’m pretty uncomfortable with the topic of ghosts because it makes me think of scary movies and stories I heard long ago in tents, cemeteries and dark basements. I tend to let my imagination run rampant. and I’m extremely sensitive to dark illusions. I don’t like being scared, I hate horror movies. and if I’m watching anything remotely creepy I have to be under a blanket with my back to a wall. On that note, I simply don’t like to think about the supernatural. Much of the reason why is plain cowardess and naivety; too much of the subject is unexplained for me to confront. I’m afraid here of what I can’t deny. I can’t laugh at every scary movie or Ouija board and say there’s nothing to them, because I just don’t know.

What I find interesting about ghosts is that the term can be used to describe one of at least three things: 1) angels, 2) the 1/3rd that followed Lucifer in the premortal existence or 3) the spirits of the dead that linger among or revisit the living. Angels are almost always thought to be good, moral beings sent from God. To be fair, #’s 2 and 3 could be called angels as well (or perhaps dark angels?), but I don’t feel they carry the same significance. I think Lucifer’s followers are generalized as demonic or satanic, with the power to possess mortal bodies. Also, dead people are certainly thought to be creepy, but generally good if it’s someone you know; they probably have a message for you. Although if it’s anyone else lurking in the shadows, all bets are off (we can definitely thank Hollywood for that seed of apprehension).

What I will admit to in all this is that when I put my baby down in his crib, I tell him to sleep with the angels. I sincerely believe the Lord has messengers watching over us all, just as there are spirits from the other side trying to tempt us. As my little boy drifts off to sleep I picture two sweet angels swooping down and carrying him off to another world so wonderful I can’t imagine it. It may be my overactive imagination again, but there is something to his behavior that convinces me further that the veil between him and the spirit world is very thin. When he awakes and I approach his crib (and he’s not screaming for food), he smiles at me with the most innocent exuberance I’ve ever seen, as though he’s just been baptized with a thousand kisses. And every so often when I hold him he’ll look past me, gaze beyond my shoulder and smile. Sometimes his delighted squeals are so convincing that I turn around to make sure someone isn’t there. He sees something, and I like to think it’s those angels again. Of course, I can’t confirm these suspicions, they survive on faith, but in this case the uncertainty doesn’t frighten me. Quite the opposite… it gives me strength.



  1. Well… you’re definitely not one for scary movies, that’s for sure.

  2. Melissa, HA! I caught you BLOGGING! I knew there were more people in our ward with blogs out there. I am enjoying reading your posts. I hope you don’t mind if I stop in from time to time.

    I have to tell you that when Mia was born, Chris was in MBA school and I was hating handling everything without him. The bishop in a blessing, said that I would never be alone. My first night juggling putting the 2 kids to bed after my mom left, I was strangely calm. And I felt so strongly that someone was there. Like seriously strong feelings like I wanted to look over my shoulder to see who was there. But not in a creepy way at all. Like you said, it gave me a huge amount of strength.

  3. Natalie!!! It’s great to have you visiting – you’re welcome ANYTIME! Especially since I visit yours on occasion 🙂 Hooray for blogs!

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