Hollywood Hogwash

June 8, 2007

By Me. A Ghost Writer for Alice.

I think ghosts are Hollywood hooey. Who can forget Demi Moore making out with Whoopi Goldberg? Of course Patrick Swayze was using Whoopi’s body but still — that’s the kind of stuff that gives ghosts a bad name. And sometimes I wonder what it means that the Spirit World exists around us as Carrie Ann wrote in her post. I’ve heard that said before, but it doesn’t really make sense to me. I’m writing this in my bed wondering if maybe there’s a member of the Spirit World here beside me who I’m keeping awake with my typing. I have been told that I am a loud typist. Are there spirits who share my closet? Do they clear their plates before I sit down for dinner or do they eat after me? Maybe at the same time? Creepy. It’s a very strange idea and at the end of the day, I think it’s a pretty uninteresting question. I guess you could say I’m a ghost agnostic. Don’t get me wrong. I believe in the Spirit World, I just don’t know or care where it is.

The ghosts in my life are the memories of friends and loved ones who I have lost track of along the way. The memory of my grade school best friend guides me as I advise my children about how to make dear friendships. Though I am confident she is still among the living, her ghost is a frequent companion. The influences of a former youth leader and a former bishop are more real to me than any Hollywood spectre.

Last week I saw my former youth leader. She was old when I was young and now she is frail. When I touched her arm, I was surprised at how much of her had faded away. I have often thought of her and how she changed me for the better; I have wanted to stop by her house or write a letter but I never did. But last week as I touched her arm and felt her weakening body I told her how much her influence meant to me. I told her that when I think of the people who made me who I am, she is always on the list. I hadn’t spoken to her in a long time, but we were old friends. I have been living with her ghost for years.

One comment

  1. You were clearly the perfect ghost writer because these are thoughtful beautiful words. I’m left thinking about the ghosts in my life and how they’ve influenced me.



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