Is It Worth It to Believe in God?

June 18, 2007

by Carrie Ann

Let’s analyze that title.

Does believing in God have any worth? Monetary worth? Does God have a currency? The godollar…the pearly penny…the adamic doubloon? What is the exchange rate? How do I cash in? Am I in debt?

In my current belief system, I am paying 10% + to “believe in God” so in the above sense, no, it is not “worth” it to believe in God.

Worth it…worth my time?

Mmmm. Tuesday night activities take up Tuesday nights as well as all the prep and shopping time… Committee meetings take up time as well as the activities themselves. Sundays are pretty churchy…all day long. Lots of meetings. I have to teach, and that takes up time during the week for preparation. Plus, church starts at 8:30am and that takes up my only morning to sleep in. Not to mention all the home/visiting teaching during the month…

So in my current belief system, I spend a lot of my time doing church stuff. So in the above sense, no, it is not “worth it” to believe in God.

But what are my alternatives to NOT believing?

No more all-knowing, loving being who knows me and who roots for my happiness and well being? No powerful father figure who can intercede on my behalf to thwart danger, illness, accident, and other malfeasances?

No afterlife? No reward, nothing beyond this often-sad existence?

No accountability? No reason not to follow every appatite and whim? No reason to make myself better than I am? No motivation for self-discipline? The natural man? Relying on my own smarts to figure things out?

Being all alone on this lonely little planet?

I’ll take the “delusion” of my religious belief over the sad alternatives, because I would rather be “deluded” and happy with a purpose than “non-deluded” and sad because I can’t find meaning in my life. I would rather be busy with an agenda of self improvement and service rather than constantly searching for the best method of enlightenment, or I might not even care about self improvement, ethics, morals, or my fellow man in which case I would not be doing the general population much good.

There are lots of people who have figured out their own meaningful existence, but would I be one of them? I know that if I ever left the church I would probably experiment a little and then come back to what made me the happiest, and because I have experimented enough to know what makes me happy and what doesn’t, I’ll stick with the current plan.

So considering the alternatives…for me, it is worth it to believe in God.



  1. Enjoyed this post. Intriguing title. 🙂

  2. “No reason not to follow every appatite and whim? No reason to make myself better than I am? No motivation for self-discipline?”

    Can you seriously not find any other reason to do these things? I would never suggest that you abandon the God reason. By all means, hang onto that reason. But is that really your ONLY reason?

    I think it is really sad when people can only motivate themselves to choose the right if there is some hope of heavenly reward or threat of eternal damnation. What ever happened to doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do? What about doing good because you get a warm feeling when you do (atheists get that feeling, too, you know)? Why not consider how your choices affect other human beings, especially those close to you, and do what would be best for them simply because you love them, regardless of whether any Father figure ever pats you on your celestial head for good behavior? Why not learn to love yourself enough to curb your appetites, resist your unwise whims, and discipline yourself to reach good goals, simply because it is what will make your life as full, rewarding, productive as it possibly can be, instead of deriving your sense of worth from pleasing someone else?

    By all means, choose faith. But there are better reasons to choose a life of faith than because you’re afraid your life would have no meaning if you stopped devoting yourself to eternally trying to please Daddy.

  3. I’m a former Mormon who is now atheist, and I can tell you I find even more meaning in my life now that I don’t believe in a big Daddy in the Sky who’s gonna get me or worry about how often I go to church/the temple; whether I drink coffee or tea; what kind of underwear I have on, etc.

  4. It all depends on who you are.

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