When it is and when it’s not

June 22, 2007

by Amri

When it’s worth it to me to believe:

  • when it connects me to people in ways I can’t do very well, my Church community, my family, random people who have felt a belief like mine
  • when I feel alone and I get a sense that there is someone out there bigger and stronger and wiser than I am that’s on my side
  • when it inspires me to do good, be kind, give
  • when people that I love die
  • when it makes me different and different is what I want
  • when it gives meaning to my life and how to make the choices that pursue that meaning
  • when I’m required to do things I really don’t want to do

When it’s not worth it to me to believe in God:

  • when natural disasters, corrupt governments, disease kill people that don’t deserve to die and it seems like God doesn’t care and our explanations seem heartless or ridiculous
  • when the faith acrobatics get too twisted in trying to explain the world, the afterlife, the beforelife. Especially when those acrobatics are done when I realize the past efforts and explanations are silly in ways I didn’t realize
  • when it seems God is on the side of the rich and the powerful
  • when I’m required to do things I really don’t want to do
  • when I make bad decisions because my belief gets in the way
  • when it separates us into people that are better or worse because of our specific belief in God
  • when I feel different and different is not what I want

What about you? When is it worth it and when is it not? In the end, I think we have to make a conscious decision to believe because sometimes it’s more worth it and sometimes it’s less worth it. We choose and then we go with it. Unless you’re indecisive. Then things get complicated.

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