Stranger-than-the-Average Mormon

July 4, 2007

by melbo

Do I want a Mormon president? Sure, eventually – if the conditions are right. If, at some point, a Mormon wins the office of Commander in Chief, I want him or her to smash all the stereotypes applied to both politicians and Mormons. Unlike so many politicians today, I want them to be honest, straightforward and incorruptible. And unlike so many Mormons, I want them to strongly support gun control (the firmer the better), public programs, stem cell research, and at the very least civil unions and abortion in the case of rape, incest, or life of the mother. I suppose that might make them *gasp* a Democrat! I would like to hear the controversy THAT would raise in the media. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if they’d served an Arabic speaking mission. That’s not too likely you say? Alright, I’ll settle for a study abroad program. Maybe then we’d finally get somewhere in the Middle East…

I’m only partially kidding in the above statement. I really would prefer our country be led by a stranger-than-the-average- Mormon, but I don’t know if there is one crazy enough to run. Mitt Romney appears at times to have trouble defending his newly-conservative views, but I imagine it’s a more difficult balance for a Mormon to defend a less conservative viewpoint while in the public eye. The candidate would have to battle the expectations of Americans and a majority of their own faith to lean a different way while simultaneously gaining their respect and confronting harsh stereotypes. However, if there is an LDS man (or woman) out there with the gumption to confront those hurdles and succeed, they have my well-deserved vote.

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