The Gutless Wonder that is Mitt Romney

July 7, 2007

by Josh

What can I say about him? As political guru James Carville once quipped, “out of all the Republicans running for President, the only one with one marriage is the Mormon.” If a stable marriage record was the only qualification for President, Romney would be a shoe-in. On a whole list of other issues, Mitt doesn’t quite meet the standards, even for a politician.

I think for me, the straw that broke the camel’s back was the Foxnews GOP debate in South Carolina where Mitt boasted that he would double the detention facilities in Guantanamo and deny lawyers to the inmates there. An overwhelming majority of legal scholars, conservative and liberal alike agree that the detention camps are a travesty. But when Mitt made his promise, the audience in South Carolina cheered. When moderator Brit Hume presented a 24ish scenario where torturing might procure information John McCain, the only GOP candidate to have been tortured stated emphatically that torture was wrong and unworthy of a free society. Silence. Nothing. You could hear an ant fart. I couldn’t believe that a member of the Church was on the wrong side of the torture and detention issue, considering the fact that Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, and a whole slew of early Church leaders were falsely imprisoned themselves. But you know, considering that many conservative Church members have worked hard to present themselves and the Church as a mainstream Christian sect, it’s hardly surprising. It’s hardly surprising to me, a veteran, that a guy like Mitt would come down hard on the straw-man that is Iraq. After all, he got a draft deferment to serve a mission in France while Vietnam was going on. Then when he got back, he married Ann and was again exempt from the draft. It doesn’t matter to me that he sat out the war; many people did similar things to avoid danger. What bothers me is his flip flops on his feelings on the war! In 1994 in an interview with a Boston newspaper he said that he had no desire to serve in Vietnam. Of course such a statement would be ok in Massachusetts. It would also be ok if it were consistent. Do 15 years really alter someone’s memory? Because earlier this year in another interview Mitt said that when serving his mission in France (a country that he claims has a weird marriage law when it fact it doesn’t) he was frustrated about not serving in Vietnam for his country. He had a desire to serve back then, he says now. Well, if he had such a high draft number when he got back after the mission, he could have just went and enlisted, like others did. What does this have to do with paying the bills and everyday important issues for America? We need a leader of character and Mitt has some serious deficiencies. It seems like he’ll do and say anything to get elected. He even uses the language of missionaries when he constantly claims that he had a “conversion” to the”right side” of the abortion issue when talking to a cloning researcher in 2004; even though the same man says that he did not act in the way Mitt said he did.

And on another point, Mitt has always touted his no-pardon/clemency policy in Massachusetts. He was so tough that he even denied a pardon for a Lieutenant in the Army National Guard who as a thirteen-year old shot someone with a BB gun. It didn’t even graze the skin. This soldier led 20 men in Iraq. But Libby, “Bush’s faithful soldier, gets a commutation in his sentence. Mitt has praised the move, saying that Libby didn’t deserve the sentence, let alone the guilty verdict. Never mind that a jury of his peers found him guilty on 4 of 5 counts on obstruction of justice and perjury. So you sum up all of his flip flops and you get a man who reinvents himself all the time. Hardly the representative that Mormon missionaries need when they’re trying to spread the message around the world.

And Mitt used to be such a liberal candidate. Just go back to 1994 and even as far back as 2002. He ran to the left on a lot of the issues. Because the Republicans were eager to win the governorship in Massachusetts they didn’t seem to mind. In fact they asked him to run. His ability to blend in to any situation may explain his financial success but I think Romney will bat 1 out of 3 in the general election because he is such a fake. If he wins Iowa and New Hampshire, he’ll have a shot at the nomination.


  1. I agree 100%. Romney is as politician as they come. Just the thought of the guy is revolting. I was very disappointed with him when as governor, he refused Khatami security when he came to speak at Harvard and called him a terrorist. Romney is no good. Unfortunately, the rest of the crew is pretty lame as well. Paul and Kucinich are the only two that have my attention and Kucinich isn’t even running.

  2. This is a courageous post, as Mitt not only shfits with the wind, he tries to smell the incoming breeze to know where next to shuffle.

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