Think Like Me.

July 13, 2007

by Amri 

I’m a self-centered girl. Most the time I think I’m mostly right and I tend toward people who think like me, which is to say if you think I’m mostly right then I think you’re right too.

It turns out then that the prophets I like most are the ones I can get behind. The ones that think like me. The ones that don’t think like me, well, I conveniently don’t pay attention to them.

My current pick is King Benjamin. I like the whole tent revival feel. It’s like all gathering at the Manti Pageant, except without the freaky music and weird eternal love story.  I can get behind service, behind leaders working right along side their followers. I can get behind real, sincere gratitude. I can get behind humans sometimes being jerks and sometimes being great and kind and that we have to get over the jerkiness.  And I can definitely get behind his levelling of people. We’re all beggars. We all need so we should all give and our neediness robs us of the right to judge others’ neediness.

Benjamin’s is the religion that’s easiest for me to wrap my head around. I follow it and it makes me feel right about my place and purpose in the world. Plus there are a whole bunch of perks to service. If you’re doing it, you’re not doing bad stuff. Work gets done. People are happier. Things are exchanged for free. People are nicer.

I can’t tell if Benjamin thinks like me or I think like him but I’m sure that we’re right.



  1. King Benjamin has always been easy for me to relate to. When you are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your God.

    Simple wisdom.

  2. Completely agree. As a convert, sometimes I have a hard time relating to the prophets in the 1950s because of the undercurrent of mormon culture; then I read the words of the old-school prophets (like King Benjamin) and realize what we believe really does cross cultural, racial, and other divides.

    BTW – congratulations on your engagement! I met you at the East-Coast bloggersnackle at Rusty’s pad. Dan and I are happy for you both!

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