A Big Lover?

August 10, 2007

by Amri

Whatever can this all mean?

Please consider the following details:

  1. I am fruit of Brigham Young’s very active loins.
  2. Age 10, I remember overhearing from adults that polygamy might be coming back.
  3. Age 20, I get my patriarchal blessing. The patriarch says in part of my blessing that I am a direct descendant of Sarah. He says I have her attributes, her skills, her qualities. After the blessing he tells me he thinks it’s because I will be able to practice polygamy. (!) He said for him it was the most potent part of the blessing.
  4. Age 21, I go to Japan on my mission. I am told over and over that I have a big love. That that’s what people like most about me. That I love big.
  5. Age 26, I get a tattoo of the kanji for big on my finger. To remind myself that the world is bigger than I am. To keep on loving big. (I was feeling self-absorbed at that time in my life and was trying to snap out of it)
  6. Age 29, HBO comes out with a new series.  About a polygamous family. 

They call it Big Love.



  1. That is funny. It was destined.

  2. Imagine that…a TV show created just for you! And how about all the amazing tid-bits you keep sharing about polygamy? Who was your patriarch to say such a frightening thing to a teenager?

  3. Just some nice old guy from Oklahoma. He was into Millennial Seventh Seal stuff too so my blessing is brimming with death and destruction. It’s not very personal but it’s a pretty kickass blessing.

  4. Amri — I just was listening to Alphaville’s “Big in Japan” . This post gave it a whole new meaning!

  5. Your PB really says you’ll be able to practice polygamy??? And this happened in the last 10 years? For some reason I thought kooky Patriarchs and Patriarchal Blessings had ended 40-50 years ago.

    As for Big Love… yawn. I’m a big fan of HBO dramas. The Wire and Deadwood are probably my two favorite hour-long television dramas of all time, right up there with Northern Exposure and Twin Peaks. Six Feet Under and The Sopranos also crack my Top 10, but Big Love is sooooo incredibly boring. The family relationships feel hopelessly contrived, and the Mormon angle gets old after a couple of episodes. I continue to watch it, but only because I feel some obligation to watch it until the end because of the Mormon angle and the need to be “in the know” on media-related things happening around Mormonism.

  6. Matt, my PB only says that I have “the literal blood of Sarah” and “the talents and attributes of Sarah”. AFTER the blessing was done, the patriarch said to me that he felt very strongly that that meant polygamy. Polygamy was Sarah’s “talent and attribute”. It made me want to throw up at the time. But now, I, uh, ahem, don’t really believe my PB to be a literal divining of my future so it doesn’t matter. I was freaked out for a long time though.

    But now that there’s an HBO series, maybe he was right. I mean, everything happens for a reason right?

    I haven’t seen the show, as I am HBO-less but I have rented The Wire and think it’s good.

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