Charity for all

August 26, 2007

By Chris

A couple of weeks ago I taught a lesson in Sunday school about charity. I was surprised at how well received the lesson was considering that it consisted of my own thoughts along with scripture references and maybe one or two GA quotes. It was in the preparing this lesson that I realized spiritual gifts and experiences, charity being one of them, are ways of experiencing God and building communities. It is interesting to note that above all things, Paul and Moroni extol the importance of this gift, going so far as to say that without it all else is without worth.

Charity is the gift that I pray for these days. I pray that I will be patient with the hardcore members of my ward who attempt to brow beat others into conformity with their own narrow orthodoxy. I pray that with my charity I will not fight with them, but be able to maintain good feelings towards them and calmly disagree, stating my reasons for seeing things differently without becoming angry, something Jesus warned against in his sermon on the mount.

If Charity is the most important of all gifts, the gift that supercedes all others, I feel that I can spend my life developing this gift and not worry about speaking in tongues, or many other things that may be deemed as superior spiritual gifts.



  1. Ouch. Sounds like you read my very mean comment over at Mormon Matters. Welcome to VSOM, Chris.

  2. This is a gift I lack big time. I should add it to my growing list of “wants and needs”.

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