Busy Bees in the Beehive State

September 4, 2007

This week’s topic: Industry

by carrie ann

I live in the “Beehive State”, so called because of its industrious (white) settlers. The pioneers got here and had to book it to plant some crops and build some shelter. They just didn’t stop. They couldn’t stop, really, they would have died. So industry was a necessity at first and then was it religion or culture that carried it on?

Mormons believe in being busy. We try to be self-reliant financially. We run our own lay-person church organization. We try to take care of each other’s spiritual and physical needs through a myriad of programs and auxiliaries. We try to be good citizens and conscientious contributors in the school district. Like I said, we’re busy.

I was surprised to see in this month’s issue of INC. magazine celebrating the 500 fastest growing companies in the U.S. that Provo-Orem ranked Number 1 with the most Inc. 500 companies per million residents. We have 12.7 companies in their rankings per million while Los Angeles (tied for 4th with San Francisco) only has 6.2 companies per million. I’m sure we would have ranked higher overall if we had a bigger population, right? Way to go Provo and Orem!

I see industry all around me. My husband is a business-starter and owner. Our friends and neighbors run their own companies or work for local businesses. So many “stay-at-home” moms are running cottage-industry type businesses from their homes during school hours. Does it ever stop? Are we industrious or enterprising? Are we working for work’s sake or are we driven by the ever-mighty dollar?

I think that like everyone else (meaning non-Mormons) we want to be financially comfortable. I don’t know if I think that desire comes from our religion or from our American culture. All I know is that when people in your ward have boats and cabins, the youth activities are a lot more fun (wink-wink).

One comment

  1. Didn’t Brigham Young encourage women to get involved in home industries? There was the whole Utah silk effort, for example. The work ethic among the Saints (especially the generation before me) was just amazing. I knew a guy who was serving as a Bishop, working on the faculty of a large University, and walking a small paper route every morning so he’d be sure to get some exercise.

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