Do you believe in magic?

September 17, 2007

This week’s topic: Magic vs. Spiritual Gifts

by carrie ann

I believe in magic, or at least, I WANT to believe in magic. My brother-in-law is a magician (don’t worry…computer programming is his day job, but he paid for his mission and most of his education with his magician earnings). He is good. He scares me, he is so good. I don’t want to know how he does it, I just want to be AMAZED. Then again, there are those who can’t stand a magic trick unless they know how it’s done. Is my innocent enjoyment a form of faith?

I enjoy (nay, love) the Harry Potter stories, but as much as I would like to, I don’t believe in that type of magic (it would be awesome to fly around on a broom though, better for the environment than my SUV I’ll wager…). I get why some Christians HATE Harry Potter and think he’s the devil. From a strictly Christian perspective, magic is an imitation of priesthood power. Magic is Satan’s tool. Remember the movie the Ten Commandments? I was so amazed that the Pharaoh’s magicians turned their staffs into snakes and then Moses turned his staff into a snake, and then Moses’s snake ate up the other snakes. That was…AWESOME. Then I read the Old Testament and found out that Cecil B. Demille didn’t make that up. That made it even more awesome, if that’s possible. But, Bruce R. McConkie says that Satan has given power to magicians throughout the ages to imitate and mislead and destroy.

Then there are those people who see dead people, like that one lady on TV. I was going to TiVo her show, but then decided that just in case it was a cool show, I didn’t want to be amazed by it.  I personally think that some people have some pretty cool natural abilities…but maybe they are some antiquated remnants of a bygone era. They were gifts passed down genetically but are no longer needed? In our modern age with every convenience and advantage we don’t “need” certain gifts? Or maybe they are latent and atrophied, like Tyrannosaurus’s tiny arms? I don’t know.

In the New Testament, in Acts, there is this short mention of a woman who has the spirit of prophesy and she earns a living thus. She is rebuked by Paul (?? I don’t have time to find the story because I need to mow the lawn.) and is used as an example of wickedness. I have always felt a little sorry for her. She had a natural gift, maybe, and she was making the most of it. She hadn’t been taught the gospel, yet.

But, then again, maybe people really don’t have these abilities, and they are deceiving people knowingly (like Korihor). That would be bad. So while I believe to an extent…I don’t want to get too close in the case that I would be fooled into thinking something was more amazing than it really is. And just to avoid the appearance of evil, I have closed down my psychic hotline, just in case…


  1. Have you seen the movie The Illusionist? If you like magic, you should definitely check it out. It is one of me and my husband’s favorite movies. It has some really cool magic. I think I agree with you. I think magic is really cool, but I don’t want to know how it is done. I am going to live in my own little world thinking it is really happening.

  2. I think Satan can convince a person they have those special powers and they just don’t understand where their “information” is coming from and then get carried away and become evil…that’s one theory. I am a huge fraidy cat, so I prefer to believe that no one can really see dead people.

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