Who is my favorite Mormon?

September 27, 2007

The short answer? It depends.

I’m reminded of my roommates from college who used to laugh at me because I would say, “Oh, this is one of my favorite songs!” or “This is one of my favorite scriptures!” Of course, the laughter came because it was never just one song or one scripture that was my favorite. So, here are some of my favorite Mormons, since picking one favorite is still outside of my reach….

My knee-jerk response is usually Elder Holland. I suppose we shouldn’t have a favorite apostle, but if I did, he’d be it. Ever since he was president of BYU, it just always seemed like he knew what to say, to me. His wife is the same way. I quip that my guardian angel works directly with them so that I can get the messages I need. I love his command of the English language, his sensitive spirit, and the power of his testimony.

On some days, my favorite Mormon is one of my kids. I love seeing the gospel through their eyes. I call them my spiritual sponges. They ask amazing questions, and sometimes will say things that knock my socks off. Other times, their childlike processing of things makes me laugh. (For example, my son used to sing the last line of “I Love to See the Temple” like this: “For the temple is a house of God, a place of love and beauty. I’ll repair myself while I am young…. [It’s almost as good as ‘prepare myself’!])

This week, I’m feeling quite in awe of Elder Eyring. He came to our Stake Conference, and it was incredible to have him get up and teach on the spot by the Spirit. The Spirit was so strong it almost took my breath away. After the meeting, I didn’t want to move. I certainly didn’t want to leave. It was one of those times that I wished the meeting didn’t have to end. (I don’t always feel this way about stake conference meetings!)

Sometimes my favorite Mormon is the friend who called or came by when I needed a boost, or who listened when I needed to cry and sort through the tough stuff of life. There are few things that bring more joy and gratitude to my heart than someone who is in tune with the Spirit and has helped lighten my load. Such people stay on my favorite list because I feel their love and know I can count on them. And they encapsulate so much of what gospel living is really about.

I think more often than not, my favorite Mormon is represented by a white-haired temple worker, in whose countenance I see light and in whose presence I feel comfortable. I likely don’t know her personally, but I don’t need to have that personal connection to feel of her dedicated, quiet, consistent, humble spirit. The way she serves me tells me how she feels about the Lord and His work. I leave wanting to be more like her because I can see that she is striving to be more like the Savior, and is striving to give her heart to Him.

But today — and especially today — I just have to say my favorite Mormon is my husband. He’s at the top of my favorites list today in particular because it’s our tenth anniversary! (Cheesy, I know, but hey, how often do you get to write a guest post on your tenth anniversary where it sort of fits to say something to honor your spouse?) Seriously, though, it was his dedication to the gospel that first attracted me to him, and it is that dedication that has kept our marriage and family strong. He is one of my favorite Mormons because he loves my love of the gospel, he listens to all my mulling and musing about it, and it’s as important to him as it is to me.

So there you have it — a partial list of my favorite Mormons. Be glad I kept the list as short as I did; I’m sure I could come up with more….


  1. Happy anniversary! (To one of MY favorite Mormons)

  2. Thanks, Eric!

  3. Does you list have to be living Mormons?

    Some of my favorites historically are John Widtsoe, BH Roberts, and James Talmage. From a personality standpoint I love GBH and David O McKay. From a celebrity standpoint I love Dale Murphy (2 time MVP in baseball, and former mission president).

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