December 15, 2007

I must apologize for being AWOL the past couple of weeks. I have wanted to comment and post on the weekly topics but have not been able to. Right now I have to choose between things that I write. Last week I had a major project for my Applied Behavior Analysis class, a subject that I love, that required total devotion. But that is done, and I am happy to announce that for the written report and presentation I got one hundred percent.

If there is something that I love studying just as much as Mormon history and doctrine, I love reading about human behavior. To this day, one of my favorite books is a little green volume about social psychology from a psychology class that I took at BYU Hawaii, perhaps one of the best classes I ever took.

In the minds of many rendering unto Caesar implies a division between the sacred and profane. Some people lament that they spend so much time working for Caesar and not enough time with the Lord. I must admit that there have been times that I have felt that way. There have been times when I have wanted to do nothing but read books about religion, history, and doctrine. In fact, there have been times when I have done that and it was not as fulfilling as I thought it would be. For me rendering unto Caesar is a call to balance, something that I think we all struggle with.

I feel the spirit when I am balanced. I find my scriptures more interesting when I am diligent in my studies. I find the temple a better experience when I am active and doing my best at work. Books written by LDS authors are better when I am also reading books by great authors not even remotely about Mormonism. In short, when I am balanced, taking care of spiritual, and not neglecting the temporal, my life is a whole lot better and I am a whole lot happier.

For some the term “the middle way” is loaded. For me the middle way means taking care of my physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual needs.

Well, now that I have blogged, I must get dressed and go, either to the library or work, where I am going to study for the next four or so hours.




  1. Congratulations on your excellent score. I really like your comparison of “rendering to Caesar” and the middle way. Balance is such an important concept, and one I struggle with. I lean toward extremes in everything; the most moderating influence in my life has been aging.

  2. Elder Oaks gave a devotional talk about “Timing” at BYU a few years ago. He related that a very interesting experience he had as president of BYU.

    In his talk, Elder Oaks’ spoke about an experience form his presidency at BYU coincided with the building and dedication of the Provo temple. He was asked by the Church what he thought about having a temple so close to the University. Elder Oaks’ response surprised me. He stated that he was concerned some students would go to the temple so much that they would fail out of school. I found that very interesting.

    After thinking about Elder Okas’ remarks,it seems that everything has its’ time and place and the important thing to do is to sort that out and get it right. When we are successful doing that we find the full life we all want.

  3. The idea of balance is something that means a lot to me. Thanks for this perspective on ‘rendering unto Caesar.’

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