My gift to you!!!

December 29, 2007

About three years ago, my friend Ryan introduced me to a band called plus minus. I listened to a couple of their songs online but was not impressed enough to buy their albums. While I was poking around their site, I came across something fascinating. Their yearly, continental food tour.

Plus Minus toured Asia a few times and while they were there they chronicled everything they ate in series of photo essays called the Authentic Asian Food Tour. I have taken all the tours and am now sharing with this “gift”. I thought it was interesting, and usually am hungry/nauseated after the tour (Frankly there are some things that just do not look good).

On a related note, Plus Minus has inspired me to do my own tour and photo essay that I am going to call the Authentic Provo Food Tour. I will work on it gradually and post it when it is finished. I doubt that I will ever be able to eat at every restaurant in Provo any time soon but should have completed my tour sometime this summer.

So here is a link that will allow you to take the Food tour because after all, since Mormons do not smoke or drink, some find their outlet in food. So take the tour. If you dare!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yum! We don’t have a good Chinese restaurant here and that makes me so hungry.

  2. I saw Plus-Minus open for Death Cab for Cutie years ago.

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